AAMFT-CA’s grassroots effort engages a network of advocates willing to volunteer time, energy, and knowledge toward furthering MFT policy interests in California. Advocates take action with Congresspeople and local officials when issues reach a critical point in the legislative process, from insurance coverage to post-incarceration rehabilitation. The more advocates, the more effective we are.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
— Arthur Ashe

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Health Reform



Advocacy Committee

  • Stephen Vernon
  • Ben Caldwell (Chair)
  • Christina Tobie
  • Angela Kahn
  • Nadya Ramirez
  • Neil Howell
  • Jeff Liebert


All healthy systems evolve toward complexity. Part of this growth requires that, in California, we partner with legislators and think critically about the political framework that defines mental health, intervention, and reimbursement. Therefore, AAMFT-CA embraces political advocacy and strategic partnerships to advance the MFT profession in California.

The CA Division Board of Directors has committed to keep the membership informed about Advocacy decisions and tactics. We seek to create an exchange through ongoing updates to the membership. While we inform you about what we are doing, your input and concerns are always welcomed and appreciated.


Policy Protocol

Policy Areas

It seems prudent to limit our involvement on social and public policy to the following areas as set forth by the Board of Directors. We wish to find parity with AAMFT protocols and recommend that any issue we are going to advocate should have direct relevance to our profession or to the clientele we serve.

  • Practice/Professional Issues
  • Family Relevant Issues

Considerations for Relevancy

How we will determine if an issue merits a position from the Advocacy Committee:

  1. Potentially significant impact, such as LPC licensing and keeping our professional status separate and unique from other mental health providers.
  2. Moderate impact, such as BBS tweaking of hours of professional experience in different specialty areas.
  3. Of interest but with minimal impact, such as immigration laws.

Procedure for Determining a Position

The Advocacy Committee will determine, by discussion, whether a policy position is necessary and proceed to take action from three options:

  1. An ad hoc fact finding task force that will review the significant issues and create an e-blast membership survey.
  2. A recommendation to the Executive Board for a public statement on moderate to significant issues.
  3. A proposed public statement for minimal issues as in an e-blast.

Click here to view the "AAMFT-CA Advocacy Priorities" in PDF format.

Click here to view "Legislative Year Closes With Important Changes To MFT Laws", by Ben Caldwell, in PDF format.

Click here to view "Challenges in MFT Licensing in California", by Benjamin E. Caldwell, PsyD; Olivia Loewy, PhD; Angela C. Kahn, MA, Christina Tobie and  Zachary Dunham, in PDF format.

PAC Donations

AAMFT-CA is grateful to the following supporters whose PAC donations provide the means for us to work towards and accomplish the Division’s Advocacy goals:


Ralph Bruneau


Michael Carolla
Gerry Fagoaga
Michael Gerson
Loree Johnson
Naveen Jonathan
Carmen Knudson-Martin
Olivia Loewy
Ron Wilson
Kate Wolf Pizor


Suzanne Hanna
Gail Irwin
Hadi Koesnodihardjo
Yutta Darcy
Helena Dow
Gabrielle Guedet
Lynda Harbert
Clarence Hibbs
Mona-Lisa Lind
Ginny Winn
Eun Soon Yang

Diane Gehart
Ann Lawson
Doris Newman
Linda Rio
Isaac Berman
Chris Hoff
Ginny Winn
Carizma Chapman
Shalita Dodson
Helen Meek
Emma Causey


Kathryn Mehler-Clark
Abraham Mendoza
Jen Menkov
Mary Moline
Adrienne Moore
Stefanie Morua
Jon Mozenter
Nancy Murdock
Evelyn Murray
Carla Naragon
Jennie Norgaard
Barbara Nosal
Angela Paccini
Bonnie Parish
Preston Peterson
Linda Dianne Petteway
Laura Powell
Peterson Preston
Lois Provda
Richard Quaglino
David Reed
Nicole Reich
Carolyn Richardson
Linda Rio
Joan Ross
Elisa Ruben
 Ian Russ
Kathryn Russell
Michal Saks
Connie Sandon
Ellen Sanford
Barbara Satinover
Hans Schaepper
Jessica Schneider
Patricia Schuyler
Kim Scott
Jean Selvam
Christine Shenk
Diane Sherry Case
Amy Shimamoto
Helen Shoemaker
Moriyah Simone
Pam Sirota
Riley Smith
Barbara Smith
Nial Stimson
Christi Taylor-Jones
Tonya Thomas
Melissa Thomasson
Mary Thurlow
Christie Turner
Nicole Ulm
Kate Van Parys
Tinaz Vevania
Thomas von Seydewitz
Madeleine Waddell
Patricia Walker
Karen Wall
Fredda Wasserman
Kathleen Wescott
Katharine Wexler
Jonathan Whitfield
Meredith Wilkes
Kirstee Williams
Georgie Winter
Roxanne Yahner
Willow Young
Julie Young
Foojan Zeine

Gary Collins
Caron Cottman
Michael Cox
Maxine Day
Christopher Deulen
Ann Dimock
Yen Du Sharon
Duffy Sharon
Dunas Maxine
Dusig Elaine
Ehret Hala
Elshiwick Marivic Encarnacion
Shawn Renee Ernoehazy
Vicki Ewing
Dale Ferer
Jesseca Ferrigno
Tami Fincher
Brittany Flores
Susan Franzblau
Judith Fraser
Claudio Funez
Joseph Futerman
Richelle (Ricky)
Gaspar Selam Gebrekristos
Lynn Goldberg
William Grove
Chelsea Haakmeester
Cynthia Anne
Hale Mary Hanson
Karen Hawkes
Michael Harris-Feller
Samira Hazama
Patrick Healey
Butch Heck
Elisa Helm
Jo Henry
Kathryn Heymann
Chris Hoff
Jill Hogan
Maryam Hosseinzadeh
Dellena Hoyer
Stephen Irshay
Rosa Izquierdo
Janet Jacobs
Susan Jeffers
Lori Jerman
Erica Johnson
Rosemary Kane
Julie Karp
Lauren Michelle Kasney
Karen Kass
Kyung Kim
Cindy Kludt
Dino Koutsolioutsos
Shlomit Krienberg
Tracy Kuhar
Elizabeth Kurihara
Susan Landon
Ann Lawson
Lee Lawson
Linda Levin
Howard Levitt
Lynda Levy
Bonnie Lipton
Deborah Litberg
 Brenda Logan
Irene Lu Debora
Luken Elizabeth Malamed
James Mann
Oliver McMahan