Only 22% of jobs are posted online!
On average, 118 people apply for the same job!
You don’t need a license for many mental health careers!


  • Videos, visual guides and downloadables will help you:
  • Make your search more efficient
  • Understand today’s MFT job market
  • Learn critical search terms
  • Discover more job sites that recruit interns
  • Match your interests with the right opportunities
  • Craft powerful job application tools
  • Refine interview skills to close the deal

CREATOR: Steven Swink, MA

LENGTH: 1 Hour


MFT Interns: Land the Job! is a course designed to help Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) interns and trainees locate great jobs as well as apply for and land those jobs in a competitive market of qualified therapists. In this four part course, you will find video lecture, downloadable materials, and visual guides to assist with increasing your chances of getting hired for the job you want. This course offers video lecture and complimentary PDF and word templates/guides that you can customize today, saving you time and money as you develop your warehouse portfolio. This course is mainly video lecture, with visuals, that are followed by the downloadable tools in each section. This course is a must for the new intern or soon to be intern as you set out on your mental health career. Don’t take just any job in the field! Take this course and take the job you want!


  • Apply skills from this course to increase chances of landing a job as an MFT Intern.
  • Generate a useable cover letter, resume, and thank you letter that can be used for job applications.
  • Prepare for job interviews with useable examples of how to answer questions and demonstrate skills to interviewer.
  • Learn how to widen the net of searchable jobs and positions that an MFT Intern could qualify for as well as locate the best sites hiring interns.


You may access course materials anytime during your enrollment in the course. Course materials are grouped into sections and are available once the preceding section is completed. Once you have completed the course, you will be presented with a Certificate of Completion as a downloadable PDF. Course materials will continue to be available to you 60 days after course completion (see instructions on the “Dashboard” tab).

If you have any questions about this course, please contact

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